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Spectrum Licensing

Erkmar Australia Pty Ltd is Accredited by the ACMA to validate, plan and issue spectrum licenses within Australia. We also have strategic partnerships to do the same in other countries.


We assist with licensing for the following spectrum systems within Australia:

● Land mobile systems
● Fixed point-to-point links
● Fixed point-to-multipoint systems
● CB repeaters


From special events needing access to frequencies within city limits for a limited period of time to large-scale agricultural and mining projects requiring connectivity across vast stretches of rural land for many years, Erkmar Australia is here to assist with any spectrum licensing request.


For frequency planning, Erkmar Australia utilises high-quality, accurate modelling equipment and software. Coverage modelling outputs can be presented in a variety of formats and include accurate terrain, ground cover and other clutter data appropriate to the task.

For frequency assignment, our process is straightforward and prompt. All assignments are lodged online precisely according to the ACMA’s required process.


Our Team
The Erkmar team comprises technology experts with many years of operational and regulatory experience in a variety of technologies. Our core management team members in Australia have held positions within the ACMA. Together with our engineers, they have extensive specialised operational spectrum experience. So, we understand the importance of accurate licensing for all parties.


To begin processing your organisation’s licensing application, contact us today.