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Our no frills approach

If you’re put off by traditional consultants and prefer fresh thinking combined with a transparent, inclusive, and dynamic approach, then Erkmar is the perfect choice.


We’re pragmatic and straight-talking.

We understand how frustrating it can be to hire consultants who sell you a great story and then fail to deliver. So, we will never commit to a brief that our team can’t meet.


We’re transparent and discrete.

You’ll be involved in the process. We won’t shy away from answering difficult questions. And our recommendations will be evidence-based, succinct, and completely confidential.


Our rates are clear.

We try to achieve your aims in the most clear-cut and cost-effective way for your organisation. We’re experienced in public procurement procedures and quick decision making and bidding. Our pricing won’t change unless the project scope does.


Ultimately, we promise to provide relevant, innovative, fact-based solutions for your technology and regulatory requirements. Minus any fuss or frills.

Private and Public sector solutions

We have extensive experience on both sides of the public/private sector divide. So, whether your technology project sits in either category or crosses over both, our consultancy and operational services can support you in refining, developing, and activating your goals.

Global solutions for your local challenges

Erkmar brings together the best global minds to solve your unique challenges in your local context.

Our strong understanding of national cultures, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, makes Erkmar the preferred choice for leaders working with diverse contributors on complex, sensitive local, national, or cross-border technology projects.

With branches in the UK and Australia, we can deliver services wherever you are.

Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion. We’ll explain how we can help you achieve your business or organisational objectives in the most stress-free, fast, and cost-effective way possible.

We've been where you are

Outdated legislation, lack of agility, conflicting priorities, budget constraints, and a host of other complex problems can make tackling technology gaps extraordinarily frustrating and difficult. External pressures like consumer expectations, and the mind-blowing pace of technology developments, can also make adopting new technologies incredibly complicated. 


We know. We’ve been there.


Our team has extensive first-hand experience in national and local technology regulation. We also have a strong history in public and private engineering and operations. So, we truly understand what it takes to consistently achieve proven, successful, and sustainable results for governments, military organisations, and businesses across the globe. We do this daily.


That’s why our services are specifically designed to simplify and solve complex technology challenges.