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Space Consulting Services

Erkmar’s experts are deeply involved in developing new regulations, policy processes, and operational strategies within the emerging space sectors in many countries.


We support progressive space technologies and the latest innovations by creating leading-edge legal and technology regulation solutions, such as:

● policies
● insurance models
● licensing frameworks
● governance structures
● education, reskilling and training
● advice on international space relations
● methods to support and attract investment
● sustainability models and ESG standards for space

Erkmar advises private and public space investors, operators, and manufacturers globally, including SMEs.


We deliver practical, workable, real-world operational solutions for modern space exploration.

Our succinct and robust recommendations regularly stand in contrast to the lengthy papers and presentations provided by traditional large-scale consultants, which often contain evidentiary weak content.

Our Team
Erkmar’s space team includes some of the most world-renowned experts in space law, as well as space and AI technology regulation, safety and compliance.

Together, we combine agile blue-sky thinking with pragmatic, fact-based operational outcomes to create solutions today that work for the worlds of tomorrow.