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Engineering Consultancy

With decades of hands-on practical experience on a wide range of large- and small-scale public and private technology projects worldwide, Erkmar is uniquely placed to offer solutions for all stages of the process.



From pre-project strategy through to project implementation and delivery management, our highly experienced team of technicians, engineers, and consultants can assist you every step of the way.



Here are just a few of the technology consulting projects we work on:


From national authorities to local businesses, Erkmar’s engineering consultancy service covers any scale of operation and considers all technologies – old, current, and those to come.


We have assisted technology enterprises, agricultural projects, airports, private networks, multinational companies, governments, and the military.




With our pragmatic approach and extensive practical operational experience, you can rest assured that our recommendations will yield tangible outcomes if implemented correctly.


Our familiarity with both the user and advisory aspects of project execution enables us to be the vendor-neutral partner you can rely on.



Our Team

By combining our team’s extensive radio spectrum skills and knowledge with their strategic capabilities in regulation, surveillance, engineering, cyber security, and IoT, we ensure organisations of all types and sizes are ready to meet their customers’ current and future connectivity needs.