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Cyber Security and Resilience

The best long-term response to changes in cyber threat for any organisation is to permanently improve its cyber security and resilience by building more secure networks and bolstering its resilience capabilities. Erkmar enables you to achieve that and more.

The following are a few of our most popular cyber services. However, we have the capacity to create customised solutions to mitigate or solve almost any cyber or information security challenge.


● Digital resilience planning, development, and implementation
● Cyber hygiene and business resilience training
● Digital and physical asset pen-testing
● Cyber crisis consultancy

We use our deep understanding of the issues in cyber security and business resilience to enable academic institutions, private enterprises, public organisations, and military departments to test and enhance their protection of digital systems and sensitive information.

We believe cyber security should be accessible to all, not shrouded in secrecy or confusing jargon. Every organisation can and should be aware of what’s included in their digital estate and have a plan in place to protect it.

Our experts demystify cyber security and ensure digital resilience in the most straightforward, pragmatic, cost-effective, yet robust way for your organisation.

Our Team
Erkmar’s cyber team comprises highly skilled technicians and analysts with cross-departmental experience in public and private organisations. They are led by senior cyber security and resilience specialists with extensive experience at national- and international-level cyber risk mitigation and crisis management.