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Agriculture technology is an important part of the drive towards sustainability in agriculture and improving food security globally. Erkmar is supporting farms, agricultural organisations, and tech developers to achieve this by delivering rural wireless connectivity and cyber security in several countries.


AgTech brings all of Erkmar’s expertise together to enhance the wireless rural connectivity required for farming automation. We also help identify the spectrum licensing, regulatory, and other requirements necessary to deliver legitimate wireless services.

Our team provides leading-edge operational and consultancy services covering:


• Private 5G networks
• Satellite connectivity
• LORAWAN sensor integration
• Coverage planning
• Spectrum licensing
• Type approval evaluation
• Project definition
• Strategy development
• Procurement processing


We work directly with farms, agriculture research organisations, sensor SMEs, and public sector bodies.


We focus on practical, cost-effective solutions. Our cross-skilled team anticipates any challenges or risks while identifying potential opportunities for improving our clients’ operations and outcomes. Our customisable low-power off-grid solutions offer efficiency, effectiveness, and agility.


Our Team
Erkmar’s AgTech team is a collective of specialists from across our sectors. We unite some of the world’s foremost technology thinkers and most highly experienced operational experts and apply their deep knowledge to this exciting sector.